Resin Bound Drives

High Quality Resin Bound Drives from Britannia Home Improvements

Resin Bound Drive

Here are Britannia. We are experts in all things for driveways.

We do Resin Bound not Resin Bond.

What is the difference?

Resin bonded this is a scatter system where a layer of Resin is applied to a surface then stones scattered, once the resin and stones set the loose stones are brushed away. It is not porous and less durable than the system we use

Resin Bound, an area we have heavily invested in. This is a far more durable and effective covering for a driveway. It is porous with a far greater depth and durability. First, the stones/aggregate are mixed with the resin to ensure every stone is fully covered then we lay the drive ensuring an even depth of between 12 – 24mm dependant on the purpose of the drive. This ensures you get a beautiful drive like the ones shown and are not left sweeping stones away and starting to watch the drive fall apart of the years.

We pride ourselves on a high-quality job and as such all of our work is insurance guarantee backed.